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Warm Up Boulder

Warm Up Boulder

More of a wall a than boulder really but offers an excellent collection of easier problems which are a good place to start your session.

The Problems

Warm Up Boulder Topo1
1. Left Edge - 4a
This problem, unsurprisingly, climbs the stepped left edge of the wall.
2. Friday's Fill - 4a
The crack on the left is awkward to start and often a little wet but has an excellent finish. Very popular with beginners.
3. Friar's Mantle - 5b
Another Dumby classic. Climbs the obvious ramp. One tricky move in the middle at the slopers for gain the spiky jug.
4. Ungava - 5a
Climbs the wall to the right of Friar's Mantle on side pulls and crimps. No right edge allowed.
5. Right Edge - 4c
Lay back up the right arete of the wall.
6. Low Traverse - 6a
Traverse from right to left just above the ground with some technical moves.

The Topos