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Other Rock

Other Rock

There are a couple of other bits of rock with some bouldering on them but none of them really compare with the rest Dumbarton has to offer.


At the foot of the sport and trad routes behind the BNI boulder is the Everdry Wall and the Black Wall (more recently known as Old Man's Corner). It's not a bad place to warm up and there are some alright traverses here but if your climbing here it's more than likely that it's raining.


Even in very heavy rain it will offer some solace to the dedicated boulder but it does tend to suffer from seepage after a few days of constant rain.

The Problems

Everdry Topo1
Everdry Topo1
1. Shattered Traverse - 7b
Traversing the Everdry Wall from right to left. The first third of the problem around the bulge use any of the number of holds to gain the groove. Once round into the groove you need to stay on the low holds to continue left (if you're on a jug is out). The sequence is technical and pumpy!
2. Shattered Traverse High - 6c
Starts on the far right and traverse to the left using anything you want. Again, even with the inclusion of some good holds you'll be surprised how pumped you are at the end.










3. Black Wall Circuit - 6a
The Black Wall doesn't offer much but there is a circuit that roughly follows the the line on the photo. Start on the right, traverse left and climb the bulge. Continue right, down climb and then traverse back left to the start.


Adding a circuit adds about a grade each time.

The Topos